CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Environmental Initiatives

Mankind shares a common mission: for each member of society to preserve the global environment and pass it on to future generations.
At IDC Frontier, we have been among the first to undertake the construction of next-generation environmentally-friendly Data Centers. We are working to reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions, implement new, environmentally-conscious initiatives, and conduct a variety of environmental conservation activities.

Green IT initiatives

Environmental measures at Data Centers

Construction of environmentally-friendly Data Centers

We operate environmentally-friendly large-scale Data Centers, which achieve the world’s highest level of energy efficiency, across the east and the west of Japan. Through these, we have achieved a significant reduction in air conditioning power consumption by introducing state-of-the-art outdoor air conditioning systems.

Fukuoka Kitakyushu Data Center (Asian Frontier) A new window will open completed in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, uses 'GreenMall®' to improve heat circulation efficiency and optimize air conditioning efficiency, thereby successfully reducing air conditioning power consumption and CO2 emissions. We also plan to introduce an energy analysis system using an energy management system (BEMS) to verify the energy saving effects of GreenMall® in order to continue and promote energy saving.
The newly-built Building 5 features the same state-of-the-art design as that of Fukushima Shirakawa Data Center.

Air conditioning management system utilizing cutting-edge technology

Fukushima Shirakawa Data Center A new window will open has adopted an outdoor air conditioning system that has been further developed based on advanced know-how gained from operational experience at Fukuoka Kitakyushu Data Center. By enabling the use of outdoor air at a rate of 90% or more of the annual load, we are aiming to drastically reduce the electricity used for air conditioning, which accounts for most of the electricity consumed in the Data Center, and achieve a PUE of 1.2 or less.

Server room temperature monitoring and fine-tuned control

In addition to upper limit temperature monitoring (maintenance response) of server rooms, lower limit temperatures are also monitored (eco measures). In order not to create an excessively cold environment, we control the power consumption by frequently adjusting the temperature setting of the air conditioning.

Sprinkler system for air conditioner outdoor unit

The outdoor air conditioning units installed on the roof are equipped with a system to spray water when the outside temperature is high in summer. This water sprinkling effect enhances the heat exchange efficiency of the outdoor units, enables efficient air conditioning operation even in summer, and reduces air conditioning power consumption.

Participation in Japan Data Center Council

IDC Frontier is committed to the establishment of the Japan Data Center Council and working group activities to develop and implement efficient use of energy and environmental measures through the use of Data Centers.

Japan Data Center Council (JDCC) (JP)

Environmental measures at offices

Elimination of in-house paperwork

At IDC Frontier internal meetings, materials are shared on projectors or the intranet, and printed materials are rarely distributed. We have reduced the output from printers as much as possible by introducing electronic workflows and partially introducing free address workspaces.

Cool Biz and Warm Biz

As part of our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, IDC Frontier employees are generally free to wear anything, except when meeting customers. Each employee is careful not to use the air conditioner too much by adjusting their clothing such as a jacket and a lap blanket.

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