About IDC Frontier

Management Philosophy and Business Vision

Management Philosophy

Information Revolution – Happiness for everyone: Digital infrastructures that support society

Based on the common management philosophy of the SoftBank Group, “Information Revolution – Happiness for everyone,” IDC Frontier is committed to contributing to humanity and society through the information revolution. By providing digital infrastructures, we will continue to support the development of the Internet and the information society, which have permeated people's lives and are now the foundation of society.

Business Vision

The Power of Digital Infrastructures

Our business vision is “The Power of Digital Infrastructures.”
We will pursue the true value of digital infrastructures and realize a world in which all digital infrastructures are interconnected and can be used by customers without being conscious of time and place. To this end, we will continue to advance our business, never forgetting the spirit of challengers who have constantly tackled technological progress and social change.

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