CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Employee Initiatives

IDC Frontier is committed to encouraging employees to work with satisfaction and pride, and to providing them with a vibrant working life.

Career support

Support for self-development

We encourage employees to participate in seminars and obtain qualifications that will help them improve their careers, and pay tuition and examination fees to employees who are approved by the company. We also provide opportunities to participate in overseas forums and new product courses, creating an environment in which employees can absorb technology and knowledge from a broad perspective.

Commendation system

We give awards to our employees who have made outstanding achievements so that they can work with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Creating a comfortable working environment

Relaxation at the workplace

We have set up free spaces and massage rooms where employees can freely take breaks and communicate with each other, creating an environment in which employees can relax during breaks.

More enjoyable leisure time

We have established a welfare system that enables employees to use resort facilities and accommodation facilities at low costs so that they can better enjoy their leisure time.

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Employment information

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