About IDC Frontier

Message from the President

IDC Frontier aims for a new world
where digital infrastructures can be used
anytime, anywhere.

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In the new normal age, digital infrastructures have become the foundation of society.
The Internet has now become a part of people's lives, and the digital shift in business is accelerating.

With the spread of PCs and smartphones, the digitalization of society will further advance through the use of next-generation communications centered on 5G and new technologies such as AI and IoT. The role and importance of digital infrastructures will grow even greater in this process.

IDC Frontier's business has its roots in international communication services in the 1980s. In response to advances in ICT technology and changes in society, we have pursued the latest technologies, constantly evolving our businesses to meet the needs of the times and delivering services to our customers.
As one of the leading companies in Japan, we currently have professionals in data centers, networks, the cloud, and other fields. We provide digital infrastructures to a wide range of customers, including small and medium companies, enterprises, and hyper scalers.

Within the SoftBank family, we are developing our business as a company specialized in digital infrastructures. A major strength of the Group is that it has several companies with tens of millions of users, including its parent company SoftBank and Japan's largest over-the-top and cashless payment service provider.

Keeping the Group's management philosophy "Information Revolution – Happiness for everyone" in mind, we have set up a new business vision: The Power of Digital Infrastructures.

We plan to strengthen our data centers and networks that specialize in both scale and connectivity. Doing so, we aim to realize a world in which all aspects of digital infrastructures—from on-premises and hybrid multi-cloud to edge platforms—can be used anytime and anywhere, with points connected by lines and cover all over as surfaces.

At the core of IDC Frontier is the constant desire to take on new challenges regarding technological progress and social change.
As our business grows, all of our employees will take on the challenge of delivering the total value of digital infrastructures to our customers.

We at IDC Frontier look forward to your continued support and encouragement.

June 2021
IDC Frontier Inc.
President & CEO
Katsuhisa Suzuki

A Brief Curriculum Vitae of the President

Katsuhisa Suzuki

  • Apr. 1991 Joined SoftBank Corp.
  • Apr. 2008 General Manager, Application Service Promotion Office, Commerce & Service Management, SoftBank BB Corp.
  • Feb. 2012 General Manager, Cloud Service Development Division, Information Systems Management, SoftBank Telecom Corp.
  • Sep. 2013 General Manager, Incubation Promotion Office, Information Systems Management, SoftBank BB Corp.
  • Apr. 2015 General Manager, Cloud Service Supervisory Dept., ICT Innovation Division, Corporate Business Management, SoftBank Mobile Corp.
  • Jul. 2015 General Manager, Cloud Service Supervisory Dept., ICT Innovation Division, Corporate Business Management, SoftBank Corp.
  • May 2018 President & CEO, IDC Frontier Inc. (present post)

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