CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Through its Data Center and Cloud businesses that support Internet technology, which has become an important social infrastructure, IDC Frontier is working to open up a new future together with society as a whole, and enhance its corporate value so that it can grow together and continue to be a trusted company.

Sustainability Basic Policy

As a member of the SoftBank Group, IDC Frontier has been engaged in a variety of activities based on SoftBank's Sustainability Basic Policy, and committed to continuously develop with our stakeholders through our businesses.

Sustainability Basic Policy

ESG related documents

ESG activities of SoftBank Corp's and the SoftBank group companies' are found on Sustainability Report as well as ESG Data Book, which are published on the SoftBank Corp's Substainability & CSR page.

If you want to refer to earlier ESG-related documents, check this pageA new window will open on the SoftBank Corp. website.

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