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IDC Frontier is a DGX-Ready Data Center program partner.
We are equipped with ample electric power and cooling capacity to deal with demanding workloads of NVIDIA DGX systems', allowing them to operate to their extensive ability.


Power capacity to meet the needs of hyperscalers

Expansion of megawatt-class facilities across the country

Centered on the largest scale Tokyo Fuchu Data Center in Tokyo, which opened in December 2020, we have expanded the group of hyperscale Data Centers of up to 160 megawatt-class which extend from across east and west Japan, such as the Fukuoka Kitakyushu Data Center and the Fukushima Shirakawa Data Center.
In addition, we can provide various Data Centers owned by the SoftBank Group in Japan. We will further expand our next-generation megawatt-class Data Centers that will open the way to the age of AI/IoT, and respond to diverse business needs such as hyperscalers with the comprehensive strength of the SoftBank Group.

Tokyo Fuchu Data Center / Approx. 4,000 racks, 50 megawatt
Fukushima Shirakawa Data Center / Up to 8 buildings, 50 megawatt
Fukuoka Kitakyushu Data Center / Up to 11 buildings, 60 megawatt


Integrated power of IDC Frontier and the SoftBank Group

The SoftBank Group has IDC Frontier, a Data Center provider, BBIX, one of the 3 biggest Internet exchange points in Japan, BB Backbone, a dark fiber cable installer and other experts, covering all the fields of Data Center and network areas.
Customers connecting with us seamlessly enable them to deploy their business without caring about each platform.

Nationwide 5G Network
SoftBank Group

One-stop provisions of various network services

Internet, closed network, Inter-Data Center connecitons, direct connections to overseas and more - connections of any form and size are provided in one stop. The SoftBank Group's network services enable interconnections of Digital Infrastructure which will be required to be integrated with various different services.

Flexible and highly capable IDCF's own

IDC Frontier has built its own closed networks among its major Data Centers, which enables you to interconnect with the Data Center, on-premise, and cloud services, and/or others. Network sites are designed to connect directly to IXes and Data Centers to be carrier-free, making connection to the services you need easier.


One-stop provisions of facilities, cloud, and anything neccesary in between.

IDC Frontier develops two businesses: Data Centers and clouds. By utilizing the expertise we have accumulated in each infrastructure layer, we can provide not only smooth problem-solving but also a variety of solutions that combine the best of both fields.

Our data centers located across Japan can be connected safely and smoothly to mega-clouds or other providers' data centers over L2/L3 networks.

One-stop provisions of facilities, cloud, and anything neccesary in between.

Facilities&Network x Cloud

In addition to on-premise connectivity, we can build hybrid clouds that securely connect clouds and colocation within a closed network in the same Data Center environment.
For the network in the Data Center, we have introduced a large-scale network "CLOS Fabric", which is also used by major overseas IT companies, to provide high-speed, broadband, and seamless interconnection between services.
We combine the confidentiality of colocation with the flexibility of the cloud to operate highly adaptive systems depending on usage applications and scales.


Extending, connecting, and non-stopping Data Centers

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    Necessary space and electricity offered all in one site

    Fukuoka Kyushu, Fukushima Shirakawa, and Tokyo Fuchu Data Centers offer a whole building as a module, and have enough space and electricity to accommodate large systems. They can meet your system enhancement requirements flexibly within each site, allowing you to operate your systems securely for a long period of time.

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    "Suburban type" and "urban type", the advantages of site diversification and connectivity

    In addition to suburban Data Centers, we have urban Data Centers in the Tokyo Metropolitan and Kansai areas. We have locations throughout Japan.
    The East and West locations allow for the physical distribution of systems and the diversification of power providers, enabling customers to select the strengths of each location, such as connectivity between the Internet and Data Centers, as well as use for business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery (DR).

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    High performance computing is also supported.

    IDC Frontier is a DGX-Ready Data Center program partner. We have the power and cooling capacity to operate NVIDIA DGX system workloads to provide true system performance. Cloud computing with GPUs "GPU-as-a-service" is also available from the same Data Center.
    Both colocation and cloud services respond to the high-performance computing needs of enterprises and research institutions, such as AI (artificial intelligence) and deep learning.

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    Complete Managed Service with Zero Entrance

    We provide managed services that focus not only on simple equipment monitoring but also on customer service continuity. We provide a full menu of services for on-site work and operation such as server construction and troubleshooting using a remote camera. Our staff members provide comprehensive support from the visit to the center to the operation.

Data Center Locations

Companies that use the Data Centers

  • Donuts Co. Ltd.
  • Cyberd Inc.
  • CROOZ, Inc.
  • Supership Inc.
  • Moi Corporation
  • fluct,Inc
  • pixiv
  • MAGASeek Corporation
  • Jorudan Co.,Ltd.